Dedication to the man who was like a father…

Its been almost 7 years (to be precise it’ll be 7 years exactly on the 17th of this month) since a horrible thing happened to my family and its still so fresh in our memories. We lost someone who might not have been the best man on the planet and yes we had some rough times but we all still loved him very dearly, he had so many tags attached to him.. fiancé, dad, brother, son, uncle, friend and step dad… Even though we’ll never be able to see him again he’ll always be all of those things and nothing can ever change that.

i can remember the first time i met him, my 5 year old self thought he was the prettiest man i had ever seen haha it was safe to say my mum had good taste in guys. Compared to now those were easily the happiest days we had, he would take us out long drives in the car to places we’d never really been to before, up big hills and back down them waaay up north and not so far up north. Its quite funny because he was the one who brought adventure into our normal daily life and now its just sort of gone.

My little sister will never be able to give her dad birthday presents, fathers day gifts or even Christmas presents and my mum will never be the same happy person she used to be.. in fact she’ll probably never move on, as for me.. well i think i’ll always blame myself for what happened regardless of what anyone says to me. I believe that even though he isn’t here he’ll always be looking over the people he loved and i’m sure he’ll be laughing at us all for being silly.

This man may be gone but as long as we can remember him then the memory of him still lives on, we will always carry a piece if him around with us in our hearts.


so to the memory of the man we all loved and will never forget happy fathers day ❤





So today i finally got to see thor 2 ^-^ it made me very happy indeed now all i have to do is see the second hobbit film and the second hunger games film…. i cant see it happening anytime soon to be honest v_v, 


Ive also been playing bioshock! Little late to catch on but hey who cares right? Haha


Ah and never let children play with your phones or this will happen


Byebye! ♡♡♡

Theres nothing better (after a crazy night before) than chilling with some films, having a little cry at touching all be it tragic romance that is a part of actual history and re-watching the pillars of the earth.


Now as im getting sleepy i can just slink to my bed and play some yiruma to help me sleep because his work is just so calming… to be honest it makes me melt a little haha :’D 


picture before all the craziness started last night haha!!




we would like to welcome a new addition to our “family” 

This cute little soft thing should hopefully bring joy to us all! Haha o.j o.j 

Unfortunately its not the ginger cat that my kid has been bugging me for XD nope! 


So say hiya to mr.Bear! (Have yet to fine a suitable name poor thing) 


sad sad sad ):


So very close to the face im currently pulling! Although im pretty sure i look more scary and kinda weird right now haha….

Why am i pulling such a face? 

Well its cause ive been waiting for 3 hours on another game installing.. i think at this point if i dont do something productive i may actually go a little insane x_x